Town Clerk & Tax Collector's Office Closed November 19-November 22, 2019

Sunapee Residents and Taxpayers

The Town Clerk & Tax Collector’s Office will be closed from November 19, through November 22, 2019. 
 The Town Clerk will be attending a necessary educational conference.

If you would like to make a payment for Taxes, please feel free to deposit your payment in the lock 
box outside the front door as this will be checked daily.

If you need a certified copy of a Birth, Marriage, Divorce or Death certificate you can go to any 
Town or City Clerk’s Office in the State of NH.

If you would like to have a registration processed, I ask unless it is an emergency i.e. registration overdue or 20-day plate has expired that you wait until I return. ONLY IF AN 
you can go to the Town Clerk’s Office in Newport at 15 Sunapee St. and they will perform  the town portion only and you will be directed to the DMV Office in Newport to complete your registration.

Please note the Town Clerk & Tax Collector’s Office will be open on Saturday, November 23, 2019 
from 7:30AM-11:30AM.

Betty H. Ramspott

Town Clerk/Tax Collector