2023 Budget Season

Budget Season is Upon Us 
Learn more about the Town of Sunapee’s proposed operating budget for 2023 here:
The proposed operating budget begins with a detailed look at the previous year’s budget and actual expenses. The Town Manager and each Department Head work diligently and creatively to provide a consistent level of service to the town’s residents while controlling operating costs that impact taxation. This year’s proposed operating budget reflects increased compensation for employees, increased healthcare costs for all employees, increased material costs, as well as reductions to the sick pay buy out and other maintenance costs.  
Our team seeks to communicate our budget in a transparent, effective, and visually compelling way.  Our hope is that both the digital budget book and interactive web site will help to do just that.  We also have a downloadable version of the budget book attached below.
We are happy to answer questions.  Please feel free to submit questions to Shannon Martinez, Town Manager, at manager@town.sunapee.nh.us or by joining us at a budget meeting on the following dates:  
- November 28, December 12 and 27 (if needed) meetings with ABC, Town Manager, and Departments to review recommendations from the all-day Budget Meeting 
- January 10, 2023 Town Budget Public Hearing, Last day to submit petition warrant article 
- February 7, 2023 7PM Town Deliberative session at Sunapee Middle High School 7PM 
- March 14, 2023 Voting Day Sherburne Gym 8AM – 7PM