Department Apparatus & Equipment

Engine 1 (radio designation 94Engine1)
fire truck

1994 Mack with a Pierce body, top mount pump panel. This is our water supply piece for all fires and is first response vehicle for collision and rescue calls. The truck also responds for mutual aid to other towns needing assistance with vehicle extrication. It has a 750 gallon tank. The pump has a capacity of 1250 gpm. It carries 2700 feet of 4 inch hose, 200 feet of 2 1/2 inch hose and 400 feet of 1 3/4 inch hose, a 34 feet of ground ladders, 4 SCBAs and spare air bottles.

Engine 1 (radio designation 94 Engine 1)

fire truck

It can draft from a remote water supply such as a tanker bag, dry hydrant or directly from a standing water source such as a lake, pond or river. Engine 1 carries our Holmatro rescue tool to all traffic accidents. There is a generator for providing lighting at fire and night scenes and a multitude of hand tools.

Engine 2, Radio Designation 94 Engine 2

fire truck

We took delivery of this 2011 HME pumper in December, 2011. It seats 6 in the cab. This 2011 HME Ahrens-Fox is the attack truck for all major house fires. It has 1500 (gpm) Hale top mount pump and carries 1000 gallons of water, a 30 gallon foam tank for all the pre connected lines with F500 foam. It has 1500 feet of 4 inch hose, a front trash line 1 ¾” at 150 feet, three cross lays, two 1 ¾” at 200 feet and a 2 ½ “at 200 feet. The deck gun will run at 1000 (gpm) with a straight bore nozzle. We also have two lines for the rear of the truck one 3 inch line for the blitz fire and another 200 feet of 2 ½”. 

fire truck
In the cab we have seating for six with 5 air packs. Also found in the cab is the gas meter, thermal imaging camera and wireless head sets for communication. Found on top of the cab is a light command light tower. The light tower has 6 1000 watt lights. The Sunapee Fire Dept. would like to thank Glenn and his staff at Lakes Region Fire Apparatus, Inc for all the help and support with the building of this truck.

Engine 3 (radio designation 94Engine3)
fire truck

This is a V-Tec pumper mounted on a 1999 Frieghtliner chassis which we took delivery on in April, 1999. Engine 3 carries 750 gal of water and Waterous 1250 gpm pump which goes to either a deck gun or hose lines.

fire truck

We can draft from a remote water supply, or from the municipal water system. There are 7 Draeger SCBAs, 1800 feet of 4" hose, 400 feet of 1 3/4 inch hose, a 34 foot extension ladder, and an 8 foot collapsible attic ladder. It is top mounted pump panel rig with cab seating for 3. It has a hyd. generator for lighting for scenes.

Tanker 4 (radio designation 94Tanker4)

2015 E One Tanker built on an International chassis. Built in Florida and finished in Vermont. It has a 3000 gallon capacity and weighs 50,000 lbs.
fire truck

The pump is a 750 GPM midship Hale. The pump is capable of supplying water as well as filling the tanker.

Also will carry a portable pump capable of being used in Boat 1.

fire truck

Ladder 5 (Radio- 94Ladder5)


Ladder 5 is a 2001 Pierce Dash with a 6 man cab and 100 foot aerial. It was was purchased used from the Hyattsville, MD Fire Department in 2006. The power plant is a 500 hp Detroit Diesel. L5 carries all roof ventilation equipment, ventilation fans, lights scene lighting and rescue tools and 2 cold water rescue suits. Water is pumped to the ladder monitor by a 4 inch hose pumped from an engine/pumper. It carries a full complement of SCBAs built right into the seating, as well as spare bottles. One of the gas meters is also on L5. Want to see Ladder 5 before Sunapee owned it? Watch the movie "Ladder 49" closely and you will see it in the funeral scene at the end of the movie.


Rescue 7 (Radio- 94Rescue7)

fire truck

Rescue 7 responds to all medical and fire calls. It is a 2002 Ford F550 that was purchased new with a 2 person cab. The equipment box is divided into medical and rescue. The drivers side carries all our medical gear- oxygen, cardiac monitor/defibrillator, suction, IV supplies, splints, PPE, and the cascade. The passenger side has all the rescue equipment- SCBAs, cold water rescue suits, ropes, low angle rescue supplies and rehab supplies. The truck also has a gas generator. The truck also carries backboards, vehicle stabilization jacks, a ice rescue sled, a Cascade toboggan for snow rescue, traffic control gear and a host of protective clothing for responders.

fire truck





Maxx & ATR Trailer

fire truck trailer

The Maxx is an all terrain vehicle that can operate on tires or tracks. We currently configure it with tracks year round. It is used for off road rescue and operations. When towing the ATR behind it was have the capability to transport a patient or haul personnel and/or equipment into the woods for fire or other operations. The Maxx was donated to the fire department by Steve Tyler of Aerosmith. The trailer was made by students in John Gosselin's welding class at Sunapee Middle-High School.

Boat 1 (Radio- 94 Boat 1)


A 2013 Recue One Connector boat with a 60 hp jet drive Evinrude engine. All required marine safety equipment is stored on the boat. Extra equipment required for the specific mission is taken from apparatus as needed.

Additional Department Equipment

Rescue Alive Ice & Cold Water Rescue Sled

purchased in 1997    

Cold Water Rescue Suits

Combination of Stearns and Ice Commander suits on Engine 3, Ladder 5 and Rescue 7.

4 Inch Hose

Combined lengths of hose carried on the trucks and for replacement and spare is over a mile long.

Holmatro Rescue Tool

Purchased in 1997 it replaced an original model Hurst Tool. Our Holmatro is capable of powering two tools simultaneously. Attachments include: combination spreader/cutter, large spreader, cutter, 2 rams, assorted chains and airbag restraint device. Several members of the Department are Holmatro certified Vehicle Extrication Specialists.

Radio Repeater

To increase radio communication capabilities a VHF repeater with emergency power generator was installed on Trow Hill in 1997. The Department is grateful to the local residents who allowed us to install the tower and repeater on their property.

LifePack 15 Cardiac Monitor/Defibrillator

Allows for cardiac monitoring, 12 lead EKG, SPO2 & CO analysis, cardiac pacing and defibrillation.

4 Gas Detection Meters

Provided by the West Central NH Hazardous Materials Response Team.  One unit each on Ladder 5 and Rescue 7.

Cascade System

For refilling SCBAs, is carried on Rescue 7.  Total capacity is 16000 psi of air.   


In 2003 the Department replaced its SCBA equipment with 32 bottles and ungraded all SCBA packs with new PASS units. We carry roughly 20 Draeger low pressure breathing systems with a number of spare bottles. Additionally, we issue masks fitted with corrective lenses for firefighters that are required to wear glasses all the time.

Air Bags & Vehicle Stabilization Jacks

Used with the Holmatro to stabilize vehicles and extricate victims.  Carried on Engine 1 and Rescue 7.

Zoll Automatic External Defibrillator

One on Engine 3

Care-Trak System

This system is used by families of elderly who may wander or for other family members who may have cognitive difficulties that may cause them to wander from home and not be able to find their way back.  The patient wears a small radio transmitter and if they disappear the Sunapee Fire Department, with assistance from the New London Fire Department will use receivers to locate and return the person back to the family.  For more information please go to our Care-Trak page.

Though a small department with a limited budget, the Department maintains an inventory of vehicles and other equipment to safely and professionally carry out our mission of keeping Sunapee protected. Through responsible budgeting and long term planning the Department follows a schedule of use and replacement with limited impact to the tax rate. Some of the equipment is also purchased through donated funds to the Sunapee Fire Association by the generous citizens and businesses of Sunapee and the surrounding area.

Please contact any of our officers regarding questions about our equipment or its performance.